Spring-Summer 2021 Collection

The SPRING SUMMER COLLECTION 2021 is divided into five themes, while the 4 Seasons essentially develops the theme of metallic appearance and transparency for uses in all seasons:

The most precious SILKS, the fortune of our tradition, are used pure to create a transparent and “biting” appearance in Paganini, a raw dyed silk with an elegant and simple appearance for 18″ gauge.

The new product, Eri Silk (in STOCK SERVICE) is a “wild” silk. Its processing does not call for killing the silkworm since it is the butterfly that leaves the cocoon allowing it to be collected. This is done in castor plantations as it is very hardy and does not require irrigation, fertilizers or pesticides. This enhances its ecosustainability, offered in two yard counts for uses in 18” and 14” gauge. From the combination of silk thread and Mako cotton comes Aloysia, a tubular ribbon for a handmade effect with a relatively light weight to be used in 3” gauge. Weaving the silk on a loom, results in our patterns for 5” gauge, Bellini, and for 3” gauge, Cipriani.

The SATIN VISCOSE, light for 14” gauge, is offered in crepe. Stable Mistral is available in solid colors and patterns; Dorilla comfort in solid colors. Satin effects are offered in many yarn counts with a wide range of colors for 14” gauge weaving, Debussy 36 (with a wide range of colors in STOCK SERVICE), 12” gauge, Debussy 21 and 7” gauge. Verdi. This group is enhanced by Refolo, for 14” gauge, and the new product for the season for 12” gauge in a wide range of colors with iridescent effect. An eye is also given to ecosustainability to the product with almost all colors made in FSC viscose from cellulose produced on sustainable plantations. The family of Debussy, Verdi, and Refolo produces is manufactured with pre-dyed materials to offer Fast Delivery service.

OPAQUE VISCOSE: Lambrusco is the elegant comfort for 14” gauge in FSC opaque viscose, where as the 12” gauge with the same concept of elegance and comfort can be interpreted with Sateen yarn. The effects of Ghost paper tape, for 5” gauge, are offered in both solid color and patterns. The Witch pattern offers a cute effect and can be worked on 7” gauge. It is offered in solid colors and multi-colored patterns.

Our NATURAL CELLULOSIC yarns range from polished cotton blended with viscose and polyamides for a 12” gauge: Mimosa and 7” gauge: Margherita, and above all with the new, more brilliant and feminine Caipirinha, once again 7” gauge.

Sporty and fun, the Portobello wavy cottons are available in 14” and 12″ gauges. Piccadilly in 3” gauge, Docks in 3” gauge feature a frosted effect, and are offered in both the solid version and spray print.

Finally, Sesamo is a linen blend with FSC viscose and polyamide, light in 14” to 12” gauges, both crepe and fluid at the same time.

RECOVERED: We interpret our sensitivity for ecosustainable products in three products made using a high percent of products from raw material regeneration cycles (cotton and polyesters) with GRS certification.

The products are 12” gauge for the holographic Sunset and the delicate tone-on-tone shiny/opaque contrast in the soft hand of Alba. Plus there is the round, opaque and soft yarn for 7” gauge, Aurora. All of these products are made using pre-dyed materials and are available for our Fast Delivery service.

The 4 Season COLLECTION groups our effect yarns and intervention yarns with shiny and metallic effects, suitable for all seasons in the world of knitwear. These are yarns that can be used on their own or in combination with all of the other items in the collection.

They evolve from our twenty years of experience processing plastic-metallic yarns, and range across all gauges, from 18” to 3”.

Elegant yarns in metallic, iridescent, or holographic versions. There are proposals for all gauges blended with shiny viscose, like Lario (STOCK SERVICE), Ermes, MH Toreador (STOCK SERVICE), Berlioz, Topazio, and Crespino.

Biting and splendid, worked in pure MX (STOCK SERVICE), Rockettino, Rocket, Rockettone, Glamour and Vogue. All of these products are made using pre-dyed materials and are available for our Fast Delivery service.

Metallic effect knitwear, either solid or heathered, can be made with curls in the Zenzero family (even with mother-of-pearl effect), Ziggy and Alien (also available in the printed version).

More delicate in heather effect with viscose of plastic-metallic yarns, is the thin, versatile Bach (14”/12” gauge), also printed, with a wide color selection available in STOCK SERVICE; the Bartok family in 7” gauge (with a wide selection of STOCK SERVICE colors); 5” and 3” gauge satin for 14” Satin, also in the Lux version using plastic-metallic materials and its elastic Ottoman variant for 12” gauge. For these products, the use of FSC viscose made from cellulose produced by ecosustainable plantations is wide ranging. These yarns are all made using pre-dyed materials and the entire family is available for our Fast Delivery service.

Very light, core spun microfiber Sprits, 18” gauge, is also available in a wide range of colors available from STOCK SERVICE.

Very delicate in single and rewound for an iridescent effect developed in Dragonfly colors, like transparent Crystal and Pixel, and the transparent opaque version, Polibit, all of which can be used on gauges that range from 18” to 7”.
The family of sparkling sequins in 5” gauge, Spangle, is also new and available in colors, iridescent and transparent variants.