Spring-Summer 2020 Collection

The SS 2020 collection includes a wide range of items made using our most valuable materials pure, or blended with other yarns.

The silks in this first group of yarns belong to the most precious silks, our heritage, which are used in pure or cotton-blend yarns. Paganini is a raw dyed silk with a refined yet rustic look in 18” gauge; Aloysia is a tubular silk for a handmade effect. Eri Silk is the new type of ecosustainable shappe silk. – The Samia Cytnhia Ricini larvae are not killed as occurs when making classic silk from the Bombix Mori larvae; rather, they are allowed to live their natural live cycle, taking flight as moths. The silk is collected after it has been left on the plant by the animal. Another important detail is that the collection is performed in the north-east regions of India and Nepal, where the animals grow on castor plants, which requires only rainwater to grow. This makes it evident how low the environmental impact is as no water resources from the water table are used. – This yarn is available in two different yarn counts: Nm 2/120000 for 18” gauge and Nm 2/60000 for 14” gauge. The color chart is offered in our STOCK SERVICE and as these are solid colors, we can also produce sample colors. Athala, another new product for the season, is a blend of 50% of shappe silk and 50% Mako cotton. It is available in yarn counts Nm 2/120000 for 18” gauge and 2/260000 for 14” gauge. Its “classic” appearance emphasizes its exceptionally soft, yet consistent hand. It is ideal for all processing in thing gauges.

SHINY: Our viscose offerings range from shiny to satin. Vivaldi special is a viscose organzine for 14” gauge. Mimosa and Margherita interpret the satin effects of viscose blended with cotton, respectively 12” and 7” gauge. Mistral and Ghibli are light viscose for 12” and 14″, the former is offered in the firm version and the latter in the comfort one. Debussy 36, Debussy 21 and Verdi all provide oxidized effects when worked with 14”, 12” and 7” gauge.

The color card offers a wide chromatic range. Refolo offers a wide variety of colors and features an iridescent effect. It can be worked with 14” and 12” gauge. Spritz is a very light micro-modal comfort yarn in 18” gauge and Lambrusco offers elegant comfort for 14” gauge in PBT opaque viscose. Dorilla is a new comfort yarn in 14” gauge made from shiny viscose and PBT. It is elegant and technical at the same time, offering a fluid hand and very light weight, considering the elastic characteristics of the product.

“NATURAL AND TECHNOLOGICAL” yarns: Ghost5 and Ghost10 are in this group. They offer a paper effect at 5” and 3” gauge. They are available in both solid color and pigment effect prints. Tenerife, a new printed yarn with flapping paper ribbons, is flamboyancy to the infinite power. It yields best when worked at 3” gauge. The same color card offers Witch, a silver knit that can be worked at 7” gauge, and is offered in solid colors or in multicolor print. Linens are developed for thin 14” gauge, pure or blended with viscose like in Sesamo, both for 7”. Chia gives a delicate iridescent effect against a flame background. Elegant and with a soft hand, Mojito is a comfort Mako for 18” gauge. Portobello wave cottons are sportier and more arrogant in 14” gauge. For a handmade effect, for 3” gauge, we offer Beverly in the printed iridescent version, or Piccadilly and Docks which feature a frosted effect. Meridio is a new pre-dyed yarn for 7” gauge that is a warp yarn with a cotton-recycled polyester core and an insertion of metallic filaments wrapped in an opaque polyamide. Round, it is a fluid yarn where the metallic pitting is emphasized by the opaque slimming of the yarn. The holographic effects were developed both in the shiny version, for 16”/14” in Sunrise, and in the blend with regenerated cotton in Sunset, 12” gauge. Alba is the new pre-dyed yarn for 12” gauge. Its delicate tone-on-tone effect with the opaque-shiny contacts knowingly blends recycled cotton/polyester yarns with shiny 100% polyester filaments. In our opinion, it is a universal product that can be used for both men and women.

The 4 SEASON collection offers are completed with the classic brilliant and intervention yarns.

Our famous Zenzero warp yarns have been enriched with new, finer, lighter, and softer to work products in 12″ and 14” gauge, Alien and ST SPACED. These products combine roundness and a metallic effect with a soft mouliné that slightly uncovers the core, resulting in a delicate salt and pepper effect. ST FULLY COVERED is the lightest quality fully covered in lamé. Berlioz and MH, the softest lamés, this season are integrated with Torelastic – MH in the elasticized version – and are offered in a range of yarn counts that allow their use in all its gauges. Transparency play can be obtained, both in thin and very thin gauges, with brilliant polyesters, like Pixel, and with the shiny polyamide of Crystal and the opaque appearance of Polibit. The range of metallic chains with more or less brilliant effect has been enlarged for use from 7” to 3” gauges in the Bartok and Rocket family of yarns. New Raso yarns, shiny and with a satin effect made from polyester viscose, and Ottoman, thin and elasticized for 12” gauge, both offer a wide range of colors, allowing customers to choose from tone-on-tone and heathered colors. It is a yarn that can be used in any season. It is optimal for working with other yarns, even firm ones, to obtain 3D knitwear effects. Other specialties are the twisted and spiraled yarns with lamé in thin gauges and also available in our Stock Service which include Lario, Glamour e Vogue, Bach (stock service) and Bohème holo. In addition to this range, we have our new Ermes, a thin yarn for all seasons, which can be worked to very thin gauges, 18″ or even 16″, developed in a wide range of colors, combined with shiny components with metallic filaments. The hand is delicate by not draping. Its appearance is luxurious yet not gaudy.