Fall-Winter Collection 2019-20

Inspired by the “W.W.W.” topic of Pitti Filati, ISY presents in a world preview of its FW 2019/2020 COLLECTION where material is broken down into yarns that can answer and satisfy all needs for comfort, elegance and practicality, always the strongest and the most popular.
Playing with tradition, elegance and experimentation, the raw materials have been interpreted, processed and converted to give rise to a range of yarns that always amazes even the most attentive customer.
And it is after listening to these needs that we designed a collection that can be divided into five families.

The CHIC line includes yarns from our most valuable blends of silk, combed baby Alpaca and kid super mohair.

Amorino (stock service), Eros (stock service), Beauty, Baby, Bella and Bellino are our products with teasel effects. Baby light, Bella light, Bellino Light and the blown Titti create shiny/opaque contrasts in tone-on-tone. Mixer is a mousse for 5” gauge with a sporty appearance yet sophisticate hand. Bubi is a very light chain in solid color or mélange with a 5” gauge in baby Alpaca and extra fine Merino. Tuty is without a doubt the most “fawning” of yarns; it is imperceptibly elasticized to give volume to the incredible blend of select materials like baby Alpaca, Mako cotton and Modal. In 3” gauge, we offer Mina, which features a fur effect curl.

In the WOOLS, extra fine Merino wool is interpreted in decidedly unconventional solutions. Poseia for 12” and Eliseo for 5” gauge offer a cold touch and are very elegant given the combination of wool with shiny polyamides and metallic fibers. Morgana is a blend of extra fine Merino wool and PVA. It is suitable for ultra light garments, to work in 14″ gauge. Cortina is an extra fine Merino and viscose crepe with contrasting shiny/opaque colors in 18” gauge. Charm is a four-filament chord for 5″ gauge with a sporty appearance yet superb hand that we offer in our canonic solid colors, and also in fun spray prints or in uneven sections. Sogno is 12” gauge teasel extra fine Merino for a unique lightness. Favola and Incanto, to work respectively for 12” and 7” gauge, are delicately elasticized and teaseled, and can be recognizable for their comfortable hand and volume without equal. Quark is the original mousse for 3” gauge, sporty yet luxurious, with a paper effect that runs above the base of extra fine Merino.

The SOPHISTICATE yarns: Spritz (select colors in Stock Service) is an ultra light 18″ gauge in Modal microfiber for a cashmere effect hand without equal. For chenille, Yuki, 12” gauge, is a light blend of silk and Mako cotton. Velvettino and Velvet has a satin-like appearance in 14” and 12” gauge. These are rounded out with Crosby, 7” gauge, and Frusciante, 3” gauge with a shiny appearance and brilliant colors.

PATTERNED yarns cannot be left out, which range from the “biting”, metallic effect of Jenny, 7” gauge”, and Pricilla, 3” gauge, to the multicolor metallic tweeds of Sharona and Koko, 3” gauge. Then there are the multicolor fun Leila and O’Connor, again 3” gauge. Victoria and Megan offer a light teasel comfort in 7” gauge with mélange colors in stock service. On the other hand, Emily is the firm teasel with a soft hand, in 7” gauge. Finally, the clearly winter yarns round out the collection: Kimberly made from Alpaca and wool in 3” gauge.

The 4 Season COLLECTION is completed with our effect yarns and intervention yarns with shiny and metallic effects, suitable for all seasons in the world of knitwear. They can be yarns used on their own or in combination with all of our other products.
Our famous Zenzero warp yarns have been enriched with new, finer, lighter, and softer to work products in 12″ and 14” gauge, Alien and ST SPACED. These products combine roundness and a metallic effect with a soft mouliné that slightly uncovers the core, resulting in a delicate salt and pepper effect. ST FULLY COVERED is the lightest quality fully covered in lamé.
Berlioz and MH, the softest lamés, this season are integrated with Torelastic – MH in the elasticized version – and are offered in a range of yarn counts that allow their use in all its gauges.
Transparency play can be obtained, both in thin and very thin gauges, with brilliant polyesters, like Pixel, and with the shiny polyamide of Crystal and the opaque appearance of Polibit, as well as the 18” gauge, very light metallic yarns: Cometa and Quasar.
The range of metallic chains with more or less brilliant effect has been enlarged for use from 7” to 3” gauges in the Bartok and Rocket yarns.
Raso is a new shiny yarn with a satin effect made from polyester viscose. Other specialties are twisted and spiraled yarns with lamé for thin gauges, also in Stock Service in our timeless Lario (Stock Service), Glamour e Vogue, Raso Lux, Back (Stock Service) and Bohème. Finally, there is our fun lamé pattern with a low yarn count for use on 12″ gauge: Quarzo.